How To Wear KN95 Disposable 5-Layer Respirator Masks?

Hey! I'm very proud to bring to you some KN95 masks. Now these masks are going to keep you safe when you're out in public against germs and bacteria.
Now one thing I want you to know every purchase you make allows us to donate to hospital's first responders and home health care workers.

Now these aren't any ordinary masks. We've done our due diligence to bring you a quality mask. Now the construction of a mask is very important, this has five layers which gives you 95% filtration protection against particles dust germs and droplets.

Now you'll see other KN95 and n95 masks on the market but some are poor quality. Now we wanted to make sure we had a good quality mask and this one is 5 layers and we verified it by slicing it open and counting the layers.
Now this is very important to me, because my nephew is a doctor at a hospital that we're donating these to. So I wanted to make sure he was protected.

kn95 disposable respirator
kn95 disposable respirators

Here's an important note about wearing your mask. you want to place it around each ear and then when it's on your nose push down on the adjustable nose clip to create a secure seal.
No doubt you're spending a lot of time at home, but there are times when you're gonna have to go out in public, and this is an important tool, and not only helping protect you but help protecting others.

kn95 disposable respirator
kn95 disposable respirator

Now there's so many uses for this outside of flu season. You can use them for home improvement projects painting and even cutting the grass.
Now we have 10 thousand KN95 masks available, if you need more you can contact us.

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